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We offer private sale auto financing and refinancing, and we’re glad smarter loans sent you to us!

With staff available to help you every step of the way, we bring peace of mind to your car-buying experience.

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How it works

Six easy steps to financing in the fast lane

1. Pre-Approval

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We'll ask you a couple questions about you and your vehicle needs. Then you're off to the races.

2. Find Your Ride

Find the car you want to buy.
We just need a few details about the vehicle and who's selling it. We then send out a certified inspector to make sure everything checks out.

3. The Paperwork

We promise it's not much!
We'll prepare your financing agreement and bill of sale, then all we need is a couple of autographs.

4. Shake On It

Where the fun starts.
Now it's time to meet the seller and grab the keys for your new ride.

5. The Credentials

The last step before you're on the road.
Upload proof of your insurance and registration in the app. You've got the green light to go!

6. Enjoy Your Ride

It's the most important step.
You can manage your account in our secure login at anytime.

What people are saying

I used AutoArriba to re-finance a loan on my SUV, and the whole process was so user friendly. I needed a vehicle that could hold the whole family, and now I can rest easy knowing that AutoArriba lowered my interest rate and payments. The best part is that they're always just a phone call away!

Chloe Cheise

AutoArriba was so easy to use! I've always gone with private vehicles, and it's great to see another alternative to financing with the bank or the dealers.

Nate Allen

About us

AutoArriba is a web-based app for financing and re-financing private sale vehicles. It’s a personal sidekick that has your back during the deal, but leaves you in control of the wheel.

Buying a vehicle privately seems easy, but there’s often a few things hidden under the hood.

  • We conduct a multi-point vehicle inspection and get a CarProof report
  • Financing for your vehicle is built into the app
  • We handle all the paperwork for the sale
  • It's lightning fast and user-friendly