The most frequent questions and our answers to them.

Whether you’ve found your next ride on Kijiji, AutoTrader, or are buying from a friend or neighbour – we’re here to make financing a private sale vehicle easy. We handle all the paperwork, inspect the vehicle, and the transaction process.

We have flexible credit requirements. We have been able to help many people restore their credit status with the purchase of a newer vehicle. In addition to your ability to repay the loan, we look at your recent credit history, your employment and residency stability. We can register a lien/security interest against your vehicle with the credit bureau, giving you an opportunity to improve your credit status. Other requirements that may also be required include additional security or a co-signer.

Financing a vehicle is an excellent way to either build or re-build your credit. As you repay your loan on time, you will demonstrate a positive track record of making repayments.

We recognize the fact that many private vehicle purchasers do not fit a traditional lender’s criteria. While we want to remain as flexible as possible there are certain minimum requirements that a customer must meet. We will review applications from customers who may have had problems in the past and are looking to improve their credit profile. You must be fully discharged from any bankruptcy proceedings or have met your trustee’s conditions and are awaiting your discharge. You must not have any current substantial outstanding past due debt.

  • Income – You must have a minimum income of $1,800 per month. You must also be able to meet your debt servicing requirements. We will calculate a debt service ratio that takes into account your total monthly payments including vehicle payment, vehicle insurance, rent/mortgage payments and any other liabilities you may have.
  • Employment – Minimum three months on the job. Exceptions to this requirement can be made when you are taking a new job in the same or similar field of employment, and you were at the previous job for at least one year.
  • Residency – Minimum three months, unless there is a correlation to your employment situation.

We’ve only got a couple of requirements on the wheels that we deal with.

  • Vehicle Age – We will finance vehicles that are up to ten (10) model years old. The maximum number of kilometers on a funded vehicle is 180,000 kilometers.
  • Vehicle Usage – All vehicles funded by us must be for personal use only. Vehicles intended for commercial use are not eligible.

Depending upon the age of the vehicle you are purchasing, a down payment may be required. A combination of cash or a trade-in may be used for your down payment if required.

First, we just need to know if you’re re-financing or purchasing. Everything  from there on is done directly in our app. We’ve got it all down to six steps for how the process works.  

  1. Pre-Approval:

    Sign up or sign in to the app. We’ll ask you a couple questions about you and your vehicle needs. Then you’re off to the races.

  2. Find Your Ride:

    We just need a few details on the vehicle and who’s selling it. We then send out a certified inspector to make sure everything checks out.

  3. The Paperwork:

    We’ll prepare your financing agreement and bill of sale, then all we need is a couple of autographs.

  4. Shake On It:

    Now it’s time to meet the seller and grab the keys for your new ride.

  5. The Credentials:

    Upload proof of your insurance and registration in the app. You’ve got the green light to go!

  6. Enjoy Your Ride!

    It’s the most important step. You can manage your account in our secure login at anytime.

In addition to standard credit information, we may do an employment and income verification check. When the final documents are signed, you will also need to provide residency verification. This can be done by sending us a telephone or utility statement.

If you’ve got the green light on financing, we’ll also require you to provide proof of insurance coverage including collision and comprehensive coverage.

AutoArriba was developed to be lightning fast and user friendly. Compared to traditional lenders, we get your application processed at lightspeed. It’s our goal to make it happen as quickly as possible.

The age of the vehicle and the number of kilometers will determine the term of your loan. The maximum term we offer is up to 84 months on newer model vehicles.

That’ll totally depend on the ride you choose and the financing option that you decide on.

Of course! Our loans are declining balance loans and you can pay it out at any time without any interest penalty. We simply recalculate the interest to the date of the payout.

We use a convenient pre-authorized payment system to take your payments. Select the most convenient date for your payment to be made and we’ll automatically withdraw the payment from your account. Just ensure your payment amount is in your bank account prior to your payment date. We also accept payments via Visa Debit and Mastercard alongwith MoneyGram and Western Union.

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