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AutoArriba offers private sales financing for used vehicles and refinancing for auto loans that’s completely done online. Get funded from the comfort of your couch—no pants required! Peace of mind payments are just a click away.

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Vehicle Financing

Found a private sale vehicle you love but you need help with the financing? Apply and get approved in minutes! All we need is a few details to get started.

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Vehicle Refinancing

Already have an existing vehicle loan, but looking for a change? We offer easier approvals and favourable payment terms than you’d likely get from traditional sources.

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More Than Money

Our full range of services ensure you never get caught off guard by future hassles.

Paperless Transaction Management

Paperless Transaction Management

All of the financing is built in, and any paperwork required for the sale is handled directly by us.

Phone and Online Assisstance

Phone and Online Assistance

Whenever you need us, we’re there. We’ll even do the entire application over the phone, if you prefer.

Convenient Payment Options

Convenient Payment Options

Automatic withdrawal makes payments easy, with up to 84 months to pay off the loan, depending on the age and number of kilometers on the vehicle.

Enjoy Car Financing
Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Third Party Inspection

We conduct a certified multipoint vehicle inspection and provide you with a report.



We provide a report that lists damages or accidents the vehicle has been involved in.

Lien Search

Lien Search

We ensure there are no previous lenders with unpaid debt on the vehicle.

Phone and Online Assisstance

Direct Payout

If there is any previous debt, we ensure liens are cleared directly.

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Not only is he a great guy, but he puts your vehicle financing and refinancing needs in the fast lane so you never have to wait long to see if you’ve been approved.

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